Free Event from the Lasting Love Expert Agnieszka Burban

3 Energy Shifts

to Create a Relationship in Which You Feel Emotionally Safe, Adored and Loved

When it comes to having a connected, happy relationship with a man, you have FAR more power than you might realise!

Let me show you how to tap into your natural inner resources so you can have a relationship in which you feel both madly loved and at the same time like it´s YOU behind the wheel.

During this Free Event you will find out …………………….

How to correctly set up your Love Fulfilled Intention so that it energetically attracts the right man (you can use this technique even when you are in a relationship and you wish to upgrade it)

How to never again feel ignored, invisible and lonely and activate your energy to bring in a man who deeply cares about your needs and feelings and wants to create a future with you.

Real life examples (expect to get excited ; -)

WHEN: 14th -21st February 2021

WHERE: In my closed Fb group for women



Agnieszka is an international Relationship Expert for Women known as the ‘Lasting Love Expert’. She shows successful and ambitious women how to tap into their inner power to create the exact relationship they want.

Agnieszka created her first happy relationship in her early 40´s, a story she described in her recently released book, “Wild Wise Women” which received 40+ straight 5-star reviews and became #1 bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon.


She has a background in psychotherapy from the prestigious Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience in London and has published several articles and interviews on the psychology of relationships in the media.

Agnieszka shatters the common misconceptions around the challenges in online dating, and helps clients reverse the life-long patterns in love so they start to attract emotionally available, conscious partners “for life”.
She lives in Southern Sweden nearby a lake with her partner J.