Would you like to skyrocket your results whilst on your journey to meeting “The One”?

The VIP Lounge is a “Rolls-Royce” element of the Academy.


Because it gives you a whole 10-week direct access to me, my expertise, and my energy.

The VIP Lounge gives you access to a private, VIP group Voxer chat, where you will be able to speak to me every day (Monday – Friday) for 10 weeks 

This means that every time your energy plummets in dating

  • We will dismantle the energy of the “down” spiral and put you on the right track again – so you stay in the open, solid, and receptive energy which invites the love you desire.

Why is it priceless?

Because the “dating yoyo” is what is inevitable in dating.

Once things go well and men seem to be interested and send you messages – you feel like the Queen of the World and your confidence is magnetic.

But the moment a disappointment happens – doubt creeps in, and the energy starts to waver.

If this cycle repeats itself several times in dating – you become more and more withdrawn and close your energy off to love.

Working with me directly you will ride those “waves” fast and in a way which will leave you even more empowered in dating.

This option is the “fortified version” of the standard Academy package where 

We will be able to work to the highest level of detail 

  • And remove the exact blocks that keep you stuck on your path to love with precision and on the spot.

The Vibe

High level support to tap you into the energy of 

An unstoppable, powerful woman

Who fully KNOWS her value 

And her irresistible magnetism as a Woman.

You become THE woman who attract “THE ONE”.

    You will feel



    Like you become the energetic match for the man you have always deep down desired in your heart.




    £3000 / $3961


     £1111  /  $1466