My Story

It took me many years to find happiness in love.

I tried coaching, dating tips, dating men online … I was stuck in relationships which were leaving me anxious, disconnected to my partner, where I did not really feel loved, prioritised and cherished.

When I thought I finally found “the one” in my 40´s, someone who I felt was my soulmate, my relationship fell apart within months of me moving in with him.

The thing is … I left everything for him! 

I left London, I left my friends and a well-paid job.

Suddenly, I woke up in a foreign country with no friends, no home, and no income to sustain me.

To top this off, I got ill and depressed which made it impossible for me to make any decisions.

My world fell apart.

That was the point in my life which “broke the camel´s back”.

It was also at that point I thought “something needs to change!!”.

Shortly after my breakup, I visited my friends in London and saw the famous Katherine Woodward Thomas – the author of the bestselling book “Calling in The One”.

I met Katherine at a workshop about conscious uncoupling, and there was something about the way she was talking about relationships, love, and how we are called and destined to have the relationship we want, that instilled hope in me.

It was also around that time that Katherine was spreading the word about the training to become one of her Calling in `The One´ coaches. I felt instinctively that I needed to do this very training.

Immediately after I completed my training, one of my trainee clients, a 50-year old woman with a long track record of failed relationships, found the most beautiful, loving and committed man. She successfully broke the old patterns after 8 weeks of coaching! I thought to myself: “Wow, this works!”.

I knew that the teaching I had to offer worked, but to SEE it transform someone´s life, and so quickly, was a completely different dimension.

As for me, my soul partner crossed my path a few weeks later, and at the moment I least expected. And I have to say this….Everything about this relationship is so different from what I used to experience in the past.

It is the first time in my life I feel truly calm, safe, prioritised and cherished in a relationship with a man.

How does it feel now? I don´t even know where to begin. It feels so good that I do consider it a miracle. I feel treated like a precious gem which was my intention, I am seen for who I am with all my vulnerabilities.

Since I attracted a highly masculine energy man, I cherish every day a man who is more than happy to give to me and be there for me.

He is happy to serve me tea in the morning and when I am tired after a long walk, he tells me to relax on the sofa and cooks a hot meal.

He plans our trips and fun evenings to see friends or enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant.

And the best part? We can be honest with each other and talk even about the “difficult” feelings without a fear of being rejected or judged.

We hold space for each other and support each other´s goals.

I used to think that happy love life happens to others but not me.

I used to follow love coaches and felt that their happy relationships sounded so abstract to me. So …unachievable….

This turned out to be untrue.

It can happen.

The process I take my clients through is the same process I used to create my dream relationship.

And if I could do it after 40 years of failed attempts, why wouldn´t you?

It is completely possible to take your love life in your hands.

And I feel really honoured to be able to share with you the tools I have learnt to create my own happy love story.

To your amazing breakthrough in your Love Life,