Masterclass 1

“3 Energy Hacks to Meet Your Forever Partner”

Would you like to become magnetic to your perfect match?

Imagine what it would feel like to meet someone who feels like a perfectly matching glove for your hand only.

What would it feel like to bypass 30 soul-destroying dates with people who don´t get your quirky sense of humour and your unique essence.

You wake up and you see your partner´s big smile – they wrap their arms around you and you bury your nose in their hair feeling so safe and ….so at home.

Is it even possible? – you might be thinking….

Yes, it actually is possible.

But you will need specific energetic tweaks to make this process easy and flowing.

In this MasterClass we will Cover…………………….

The North Star 

The No 1 principle to master (if you are serious about meeting the right person) – and the most common mistakes people make that energetically pull you away from that person

The Tests

Inevitable in dating, and the least understood dating aspect which you CAN turn from an obstacle into your best love compass

The energetics of the mindset

The energetics of the mindset – this one is absolutely E-SSEN-TIAL

This section covers the power of our MIND and how to turn it from our enemy to our biggest ally in love.

This element is like the “operating system” in love; once we have made the right tweaks here, you will start to see the changes reflected in the 3-D reality. This is the exact element that helped me attract my current partner within 6 weeks of downloading Tinder on my phone.

Masterclass 2

“The Perfect Marriage: Masculine and Feminine Energy –
How to Become the Queen to Attract a King of a Man”

The “Perfect Marriage”, is the marriage between the Empowered Masculine and Empowered Feminine Energies.

In order to be able to open the energetic flow to welcome in your life emotionally available men, you will need to embrace the Empowered Masculine Energy within you (alongside your Empowered Feminine).


Most of you have heard that the feminine energy is the one of receiving and the one which is connected to feelings.


This is why we let men lead in dating rather than initiating text messages and organising dates.

However …

You will need to activate your Divine Masculine too!

Have you noticed how masculine energy men work?

They choose you, they are focused on you and they will make sure that they book all the possible dates with you.

  • They claim time and space.
  • They are bold in asking.
  • They do not give up.


Who wants a man like that?

Or, who DOESN`T, right?  ; -)

What you will need in dating is to use your masculine energy too! This does not mean I am telling you to chase men and invite them out for dates.

But this means that you will need to start drawing on your Divine Masculine (and Divine Feminine) if you would like to attract a high masculine energy man. Not being able to use our Divine Masculine is a typical problem in dating – even if you know these things in theory,

When it comes to practice, your voice gets stuck, you can´t speak up your mind, and you settle for what does not work for you (this means you are pulled back to the Wounded Feminine energy).

Now, when we strengthen your Divine Masculine,  we see a completely different YOU!

The True You. The empowered You….

Which is who you truly are deep down.

And from this Centre, you will be easily able to attract a quality, masculine energy man who will adore you like a Queen and will not dare to risk losing you.

In this MasterClass we will Cover…………………….

The Letting Go

How to let go of the Wounded Masculine and Feminine Energies within you

Tap into your Power

How to Embrace Your Divine Masculine and Feminine Energy so you can start to exude the Queen energy and attract quality men from this center.

The examples

Clear examples and scenarios of all types of Masculine and Feminine Energies

Take Action

Journaling prompts + Links to expand your knowledge and practice further


Agnieszka is a psychotherapist trained at the prestigious Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience in London.

She is the ‘Lasting Love Expert’ for women and an author.

She created her first happy relationship in her early 40´s, a story she described in her recently released book, “Wild Wise Women” which received 40+ straight 5-star reviews and became #1 bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon.

Today, Agnieszka has an international clientele, working with women over 30 in order to help them tap into their inner power to create the exact relationship they desire regardless of their age, parental or financial status, or previous experiences in love.

She shatters the common misconceptions around the challenges in online dating, and helps clients reverse the life-long patterns in love so they start to attract emotionally available, conscious partners “for life”.

She lives in Southern Sweden nearby a lake with her partner J. To check Agnieszka´s publications, go HERE