Are You Ready to:

  • Wake up every morning next to someone who smiles at you from ear to ear just because YOU are next to them?
  • Be with someone who is your best companion when you go hiking,  when you laugh with friends over dinner AND who will hold your hand when you have a bad day?
  • Hear your family and friends say with a surprise on their faces “You look so happy!”, “How did it all happen?”

Listen to Angela talk about her experiences herself:

Meet my Client Angela

We started working together in August 2020.
In December 2020, she shared with me and the other women from the group that her man crossed her path.

Angela’s deep desire was to meet a man who deeply appreciates her and makes her feel special without having to “work hard” on the relationship or  “push it forward”.

She was attracting very passive men, who would not make an effort in the relationship. 

She felt invisible.
There was also a pattern of men breaking up with her.

Her partners did not make her feel cherished, special, and loved the way she wanted to feel loved.

At some point in the programme, something “switched”. Angela first experienced feeling beautiful and magnetic  from “inside out”.

This was noticeable even from the way she looked and the pictures she shared on social media.

Shortly afterwards, she shared she found “her guy”.
“It was easy, and it felt very natural and organic” – she said.

“This relationship is very different from any other relationship I have had. I feel loved and happy, and I don’t feel like I need to do anything to receive from him”.

Angela is finally showered with deep care and attention from her man.



Once we have tweaked your energy:

-You will be in your power centre and attracting emotionally available dating partners easily

– You will avoid  the usual soul-destroying process of going through hundreds of dates with men who are simply … not for you

– You will no longer date anyone feeling confused and thinking “I don´t know where this is going”

– You will feel confident in expressing your thoughts, feelings and needs WITHOUT the fear that he will reject you

– You will have unwavering certainty that your Unique Forever Partner is on his way

To find out how this Energetic Shift works in practice

Listen to LauraTalk about

the challenges she encountered before the programe, and how she navigated it in a way which quickly led to her finding the right match:

Laura had a busy, full life before she started the programme and she liked her independence. She was worried that having a partner would pose a threat to her sense of freedom.

She also believed that being in a relationship meant “hard work” and “sacrifice”. During the programme she learnt that none of her beliefs were true. She learnt how to be very clear with men about what she was looking for and is now enjoying a happy relationship which feels easy and fun. 

Who is this program for….

– You are having a busy, active life and you would like to experience a complete transformation  in your Love Life without having to turn it upside down

– You have had many disappointing experiences in relationships, and nothing you have done so far has worked.

– You are looking for a method which combines theory with practice, so you can break through all the old blocks to love and meet someone who fully appreciates you for who you are, just the way you are

– You want to learn how to overcome the fear of dating and the fear that the same old pattern will re-occur in your love life

– You want to learn how to stop the old painful patterns in love for good and acquire new practical skills which you can apply directly in your life in such a way, that you can bring into your 3D reality the partner that you have always secretely dreamt about

Who is this program not for….

– You are expecting that simply signing up for the programme will “do the trick” and you are not engaging in the modules and not practising the new skills

– You have just experienced a break-up and are still actively hurting or have symptoms of grief and depression

– You are not willing to adopt new ways of thinking about relationships and prefer to blame other people / men / circumstances for where you are at in your love life

Program Structure

7 powerful teaching modules released gradually in digestable portions

4 months of programme in total:

⚜️ 7 Teachings modules with approximately 10 hours of content

⚜️ 2 Live Q&A Sessions per month

⚜️1 Live Implementation session each month (practise new skills on the spot!)

In additions we have the following elements built into the programme:

⚜️2 Sessions with Expert Guests

⚜️ SOS! I need help instantly! – the  Section with SOS Materials which cover the most burning dating and relationship dilemmas

⚜️ Practical Practice Tasks after each module (priceless!)

⚜️ Practical Support in the group in between sessions (no more working things out by yourself)

⚜️A small powerful group of fellow Academy Members who will cheer you on and go through the journey with you (my clients LOVE being on their journey with other women 😉 

⚜️ Your questions are answered either in between the sessions (Monday – Friday) or during the Q&A Sessions

⚜️ An opportunity to get coached directly in the Q&A  Sessions and get all your burning questions answered (priceless, of course!)


WElcome on board

In the first week we will 

build a strong foundation for your journey! I will introduce you to the structure of the programme and how to navigate the material as well as how to make the best use of the programme so you can get the best possible results.
This week we will also play a fun game and do the introductions. You will get to know your fellow Academy Sisters (the friendships and support my clients give to and receive from the other members is one of the strongest components of my programmes : )


Below is the breakdown of all the modules: 



In this module you will become crystal clear about your Relationship Goal (North Star) which becomes your Goal and why it is CRUCIAL to be 100% clear on it to reach your relationship goal. Once your goal is clear you will never settle for less again.


“Hello, beautiful”

This module will help you release any anxiety you might have around digital dating. If you don’t feel “ready” for the world of online dating – after this module you will feel completely prepared. This is the module where we teach you all the practicalities of dating to make it super easy and smooth for you:
– From how to write your dating profile so it attracts your soul-aligned partner
To how to choose your photos and look your best yet very aligned self (we will have a session with an Award Winning Organic Make-Up Artist who will teach you how to bring your natural beauty out on camera). 



You will find out how to set your relationship goal and stay detached when a new dating partner you like is in your field. You might like them (a lot) but you will need to stay “detached” rather than “hope” that this person is “the one”. Detachment will go against the low and disempowering energy of hoping and add to your personal power which is magical in relationships.



You will learn about the 2 types of consciouness: the “To Me” consciousness is where things like ghosting or flaky dates “happen to us”. The “Through Me” consciousness is when you get control over your destiny and where you are in your Power Centre from which you can create the relationship YOU want.



Have you ever felt like you can´t really tell your date what you think, feel, and really want for fear you will scare him or her away, or overwhelm them and they will reject you? 

This is one of the main factors taking your power away. In this module you will learn how to speak your Truth with confidence without any fears. This magnetic skill will attract the highest quality dates to you, so YOU will be choosing the RIGHT one.



You will learn how to EMBODY the energy of Magnetic Confidence which is  very attractive in dating. Magnetic Confidence means that you become the one who has the power and is behind the steering wheel.

The effect?
No more “I don´t know where it´s going” and “I feel you´re lovely but I would like us to stay just friends”.

No more waiting and hoping energy. Instead – you will have clarity and certainty whilst dating which is not only attractive, but will also speed up your dating process so you can find your soul match quickly rather than waste months or years dating people who are not right for you.



You will learn the most potent CONNECTION ingredient: the HEART CONNECTION. Others do not fall in love with you because you are “perfect” or stunningly good-looking. They fall in love primarily because they feel an emotional connection. This module will show you how to connect deeply with your dating partner through words and text messages using the heart connection.


Guest Expert Session One

 In this session with an Award-Winning Organic Make-Up Artist you will learn how to bring out your natural beauty on camera (when preparing your photos for the dating website) and off-camera. Noleen will show you how to feel super confident about the way you look without having to “wear a mask” of make-up and simply using natural product that both care for your skin and bring out your beaty from inside out. I have personally worked with Noleen and she has transformed the way I care for my skin and the way I feel (on and off camera). The session will be pre-recorded for you and added to your Library of materials.


Guest Expert Session Two

An internationally recognised singer Gabrielle Ducomble who is also an Energy Master in Yoga and Kundalini will teach you practical exercises to open your Heart Chakra and remove the walls and the fear around your heart. This step is essential for those who have experienced a lot of previous disappointments in love. I will also have a chat-show style session with Gaby and talk about our life back in London when we were both single and tried to apply the principles of spirtuality in dating (this will be a conversation which will amuse many : ) Gabrielle is now happily married and lives in France with her husband Will. The session will be pre-recorded for you and added to your Library of materials.


The SOS Section has easily accessible quick-read materials

which will answer all your burning dating and relationship questions instantly. This is a section where you can get the answer to a specific question and spend just a few minutes reading rather than having to go back to the whole module for your answer.

The SOS Library will be growing as we go along! Here are some of the SOS Section Topics:

~ ” It was going so well with him but now he is out of the picture. I feel confused and I don’t know what to do”

~ “How do I stay detached from him if I like him so much but he does not seem to be pro-active enough to see me?”

~ “I keep meeting men but none of them would commit. Help! I feel frustrated!”

~ “I feel it is rude to not respond to a man on a dating website / app but I don’t feel like talking to him. What do I do?”

~ “There is not much happening on the dating app right now and I am starting to feel doubt and anxiety. How do I get energetically back on track and feel confident again?”

~ “I met a man who has kids from the previous relationship. I am not sure what to consider deciding if he might be a potential good match.”

~ “Long-distance relationship: should I stay in or out?”

Investment: £2500 (GBP) – ONE OFF PAYMENT

Installments Available

 (4 x £693)

Not sure about the investment?

Here Angela answers these questions:

1. Was it worth the investment?
2. How did you deal with with feeling it was a risk to invest in the programme?
3. What would you say to the women who ask themselves “Will I benefit from the programme?”


Here Angela answers these questions:

1. Was it worth the investment?
2. How did you deal with with feeling it was a risk to invest in the programme?
3. What would you say to the women who ask themselves “Will I benefit from the programme?”

VIP Level

In addition to the package above you will receive:

One private session with me (60 minutes)

⚜️One 20-minute “Help-me-I-am-Stuck!” session

⚜️A complementary bonus (75-minute audio seminar, a Visioning Meditation, a podcast interview on how we shift limiting beliefs in a way which radically transforms your love life for the better, Reading Material)


VIP Level Investment: £ 2833 (GBP)

Installments Available

4 x £786 (GBP)


“I can see all the success stories from women, but I don’t think it will happen to me.  I think my case is different. And maybe in some way, these women were special or lucky.”

This is a very, very common question women have.
It usually arises from many years of dissapointment in their love life. Your past experiences however never determine your success.
During the programme, you will learn how to develop a belief, and a knowing that you can create the exact relationship you want. From this shift, you will notice other shifts arising as well. Things usually “click” in at some point in the programme. 

Below, you can listen to Angela talk about not really believing deep down that she would be able to create a happy relationship at the time she signed up for the programme. 

She simply wanted to “prove” to herself that she has done everything in her power to create the love she wanted. As we started working together, this thinking changed into “hang on a minute, maybe I can have it too”, and eventually the knowing that her man would cross her path:

“I didn´t have the skills to imagine I could have that relationship”

Holy’s Story

Holly signed up for the Mastermind in April 2020.

She decided to invest in herself because she has never experienced a truly happy and lasting relationship with a man.
Men did not treat her very well. They did not appreciate her, and her needs were not met.

By December 2020, she met her beloved man.
He has recently asked her to be his partner.
Holly said “Yes” 🙂

They both want the same thing: to settle down, to have a family and children.

Holly used the tools she learnt on the programme to be super clear about what she wanted, and to navigate the dating process very smoothly.
There was no drama, and no heartache!

How did you feel about your love life before the Mastermind ?

Emma: “I felt hopeless. I felt the men just use my body and that’s it.
I kept in touch with a few guys from the past. They always came back then ghosted”


How do you feel about your love life now?

 “I feel powerful. I’m back on the dating sites. I have bought a lot of new dresses so I’m prepared to go on dates. There are 5–6 guys pursuing me at the moment” 

You can read a short interview with Emma HERE

“With some people, you experience this massive attraction.
With him, the attraction has grown.

It´s deeper attraction.
In the past I´d fancy somebody, but I wouldn´t like their character.

With him, I can be friends.
There´s a deeper bond. I can tell him how I feel.

When I need help, I can ask him.

I feel that he has good intentions.
In the past I felt we´d get to this stage and I had lots of doubts.
With him – I know I can trust him”

Holly from London (met her partner in December 2020)
– when they met they agreed they were both looking for the same thing: to settle down, and have a family 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I am worried that due to my age and my experiences I won´t be able to find the partner I really want.

A: Your age and previous experiences are not the real obstacles to love. People using the principles I teach have found partners having had very bad experiences their whole life. My first ever client, Doreen, for example,  was in her 50´s and came out of a damaging relationship with a narcissist before we started working together. She is now in a happy and safe relationship with Joe. 

Q2: I am very busy and I don´t want to be juggling too much now. I am worried that doing this programme will be overwhelming.

A: The course has been designed for very busy and active women. Your weekly time contribution will be approximately 45 minutes for the Module. The modules will  be released in small, digestible portions each week (no overwhelming, long modules!). Otherwise, you can log in twice a month for the Q&A Sessions and once a month for the Implementation Session. In between, you will be prompted to do a little reflective or practical task, which will not be time-consuming. Women who are active in the Programme though, fully benefit from its energy, and these women get the best results. It is not about covering every single bit of the Programme in detail though – it is about watching the modules live or on a replay and implementing a little task weekly. That’s it!

Q3: What if I can´t be there on a live call?

You do not have to be present during the live-taught elements of the programme – you can catch up as soon as you are available. You will be also asked to submit your questions prior to the Q&A session and they will be answered even if you are not present on the live call.

Q4: I still find it very difficult to believe that I can break through all the obstacles and find the love that I want. I think that those who have were in some way special or lucky, and that I do not have any special capacity to attract the right person.

In answer to this question, I would like you to watch the short excerpt from the interview with Angela below 🙂 Practically every new woman who comes into the programme has the same doubt – this is very natural! As you go through the programme you will learn the skills to first imagine, then know that you have the power to create the exact relationship you wish to create. Your age, your looks, or your particular situation, is no obstacle in finding lasting love. Listen to Angela talk about her doubts, and how she overcame them here:


Agnieszka is a psychotherapist trained at the prestigious Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience in London.

She is the ‘Lasting Love Expert’ for women and an author.

She created her first happy relationship in her early 40´s, a story she described in her recently released book, “Wild Wise Women” which received 40+ straight 5-star reviews and became #1 bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon.
“I have always been very ambitious (think degress from the best places, endless qualifications and a high-flying career in London) but deep down, my deepest wish was to feel … happy and safe with one man who I could call my sweetheart.

Instead, I would constantly end up with men who were narcissistic, avoidant, or simply put, not making me feel like I was number one (or even number 2 or 3!) in their life.

My breakhrough started from my … breakdown at the age of 40 (just when I thought I had cracked the puzzle of love!)”.

Seeking a radical change in her life, she signed up to become trained as a Relationship Expert by the renowned psychotherapist and Relationship Expert Katherine Woodward Thomas.

After  my training, I created a Tinder profile and 6 weeks later, I met the man I have created a safe, lasting and FUN relationship with. I was fully aware it was not a “coincidence”.
Previously, I was on dating apps and I constantly attracted low quality, flaky men.

It was so disappointing that I thought I would never go back to dating again!
Following my training, it was however as if a whole new different me started the dating process – energetically, I became a DIFFERENT person. And the woman I became, attracted a wonderful, emotionally available man. 

Today, Agnieszka has an international clientele, working with women over 30 in order to help them tap into their inner power to create the exact relationship they desire regardless of their age, parental or financial status, or previous experiences in love.

She shatters the common misconceptions around the challenges in online dating, and helps clients reverse the life-long patterns in love so they start to attract emotionally available, conscious partners “for life”.
She lives in Southern Sweden nearby a lake with her partner J.

To check Agnieszka´s publications, go HERE